It was just announced last year that in Colorado the expected wait time to get an office visit at the VA is 18 days which is 4x higher than the national average. Throughout the 13 hospitals and clinics that make up the Eastern Colorado Health Care System, the average wait for a primary care appointment as of July 1, 2018 was more than 12 days. Only Amarillo, Texas, and Palo Alto, Calif. — both smaller than ECHCS — were worse. This is unacceptable! As your State Representative I will be an advocate for homeless Colorado veterans and hope to assist vets to get off our streets through reintegration initiatives with our local communities.

I am the proud son of an Army Veteran; Randy Nouis, nephew two uncles who served in the military; Todd Nouis and Air Force; Perry Nouis. I am the proud grandson of LeRoy and Beverly Nouis who have founded one of the largest private veteran’s facilities in Minnesota, Nouis Home Care. Two of my other uncles manage Nouis Home Care; Roy and Troy Nouis.


Left Picture: Roy Nouis Jr., Perry Nouis, Todd Nouis w/ MN National Guards. Right Picture: Nouis Home Care Little Falls, MN 56345.