Since 2007, Colorado has gained over 800,000 people yet state spends less on roads than it did back then.  Does this make any sense to you?  Well it sure doesn’t to me.  It is imperative that our elected officials find more funding within our current budget and allocate them directly to our roads, bridges, highways that you and I use. NO TAX INCREASES!  It time to stop over funding and subsidizing bike lines and mass transit which 80%+ of the Colorado population does not use.  We are over a decade behind on our infrastructure and the bucket cannot be kicked any further.

GEORGETOWN, CO, JULY 6, 2003- A sign at the Lawson exit of Interstate 70 warned holiday travelers of the delay ahead leading into Denver. Traffic delays from the Eisenhower through Georgetown and on into Idaho Springs caught drivers going about 5 mph. (The Denver Post Photo by John Leyba) I-70