I am a large proponent of supporting Federal authorities in protecting our community. Democratic Colorado lawmakers recent actions in attempting to create a ‘Sanctuary State’ statue is in direct defiance of Federal law and downright criminal. Any jurisdiction that harbors undocumented immigrants or allows immigration with expired visas is breaking Federal Laws specifically 8 U.S. Code § 1324. We all need sanctuary not just people who are living in the country illegally. Ask yourself what Federal laws do you and your neighbors get to break on a daily basis without consequences?

I full-heartedly support legal immigration and enjoy the many cultural aspects our immigrants bring to Colorado on a regular basis.

It pains me to see legal immigrant communities being used and abused by Democratic leadership.  These communities are dumped with higher rates of criminal activity, financial burdens, and lower rated school districts at the expense of turning a blind eye for “humanity”.  I want to protect all legal immigrant communities from these discriminatory practices by helping to provide them with the same judicial protections that all law-abiding Americans deserve.  I want all communities to be able to live under the highest safety standards and the only way to do that is hold consistent law and order across the board.